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My Favorite Reel

As used for my Avatar photo, a circa 1952 Bogdan Model "0". This version has a roller line-guide but other than that it is a twin to the Model 0 that Stan has used for 55+ Salmon Seasons and is reportedly one of only a handful of reels made with the name plate on the face.



Bogdans at Rest and at Play, Alaska 2007




Reels from Maker Ted Godfrey

Godfrey Penns Creek and FD Lyons Model 8 ft 5 wt glass rod 2010:

Godfrey Penns Creek back plate detail:

Godfrey Model Classic 274 and 6 ft 3 wt Winston Stalker built by the late         James Schaaf


Current Interests are Post WWII American Bench Made reels with a focus primarily on reels from the Bogdans, Doc Hermann & Ted Godfrey.  More photos will be added as time permits. Mark B

A pair of special "Silver Hermanns" his & hers: imageimageimage

Photos of my Doc Hermann Baby Trout, and Mrs. TDocs special "Silver Trout" at rest in June 2009 on the Namekagon in NW Wisconsin. Rods are a Jim Schaaf built Winston Stalker 3 wt and a FD Lyons 4 wt.


A Baker Half Dozen

Top to Bottom: circa 1945 Bogdan Prototype, circa 1946 Bogdan Prototype (first use of coil springs and single brakeshoe), circa 1952 Bogdan Model 0, date coded 1961 AF200M, circa 1965 experimental Bogdan Steelhead, circa 1963-1977 Single Action Bogdan Model 00


The photo collage above is was what generated the idea to create the Bogdan "Early Years" limited edition print that was completed in 2008.

The finished poster / print which was a signed edition of 25 copies:

Photo courtesy of David Rust showing Stan lending his autograph to make the project special:

Experimental Bogdan Steelhead Reel

This reel is a predecessor to the Bogdan Steelhead reel that Stan started producing in the mid-1970s.

In discussions with Stan (Feb 2008), he indicated that this reel and the one in the Bogdan book on page 32 were made in about 1965 when he was first experimenting with a design for a Steelhead reel (Note: the photo of the reel in the book is mirrored, and there is a typo in the photo caption that says the reel in the book was circa 1955, that should read circa 1965). In a discussion with Stan (September 2008) he mentioned that the original owner H.L. Talbot was an employee of Julian Crandall at the Ashaway Twine & Line Co. at the tim ethis reel was made.

Unlike the final version of the Steelhead models, this reel has no bias for RHW or LHW and has an external rim brake. As far as the rim brake never being used in his final design, when I asked him about it, Stan mentioned to me that this feature made for more work in machining the spool since the bell of the spool on the drag side needed to be machined deeper to accomodate an area for the delrin pad to apply braking/drag from the external brake button.

I feel very fortunate to have this reel and it is one of my most cherished. I hope to someday provide it to a permanent public institution/display devoted to Bogdan reels. Until then I will fish it on occasion with a 7 wt line mounted on an 8 ft Hardy Fibalight (pre-JET) Fiberglass rod as shown below.

The Lee Wulff Ultimate Reel

This reel was designed by Stan Bogdan for Lee Wulff in the mid-1960s. Mr Wulff wanted a large capacity (the reel is 3.50 inches in diameter) reel that was light weight, had no drag other than a fixed check and palming rim, and was capable of landing very large fish. Stan's design accomodated these wishes exactly. Mr. Wulff then commissioned approximately 100 total units of this reel to be manufactured by Farlows starting in 1969 (as I understand it they were actually made in the Sharpes of Aberdeen facility which was owned by Farlows at the time). They were retailed by Norm Thomson as the Lee Wulff Ultimate reel and sold for $120 in 1969.

Gratuitous Pair of Bogdan Prototypes